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Job Listings: West Central Regional State Hospital (Columbus)

For 30 years West Central Georgia Regional Hospital in Columbus has stood as a beacon of hope for consumers in need of mental health, developmental disability and addictive disease services in the west central region of the State of Georgia.

Map of Field Offices

Behavioral Health Counselor (M.S. Degree & License) - Community Integration Home (Columbus, Ga) Columbus, GA
Chief Financial Officer - DBHDD (Columbus, Ga) Columbus, GA
Facility Security Corporal - DBHDD Columbus, Ga Columbus, GA
Floor Technician (Strip & Wax) / Housekeeper (Hospital - Columbus, Ga) Columbus, GA
Food Service Worker (Hospital Cafeteria) - Columbus, Ga) Columbus, GA
Forensic Psychologist - Inpatient Columbus, GA
Health Aide (FST) - 1st Shift Columbus, GA
Health Aide (FST) - 2nd Shift Columbus, GA
Health Aide (FST) - 3rd Shift Columbus, GA
Health Aide 3 (FST Lead) - 1st Shift Unit 3 Columbus, GA
Health Care Worker (parttime FST) - No Healthcare Benefits Columbus, GA
Hospital Admissions / Laboratory Service Manager Columbus, GA
Housekeeper (Hospital - Columbus, GA.) Columbus, GA
LPN (PRN) - Columbus, Ga Columbus, GA
LPN Behavioral Health (Columbus, Ga) Columbus, GA
Program Associate (Unit 9 Clerk) - Columbus, Ga Columbus, GA
Psychologist - PBS Team Columbus, GA
RN (Behavioral Health) - 2nd & 3rd Shifts - (DBHDD - Columbus, GA.) Columbus, GA
RN (PRN) - DBHDD Behavioral Health (Columbus, GA.) Columbus, GA
RN Charge Nurse - DBHDD Columbus, Ga Columbus, GA
Social Service Provider (RARC) - INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY Columbus, GA
Social Worker MSW (Requires LCSW or LMSW) - Columbus, Ga Columbus, GA