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Job Listings: Southwestern State Campus (Thomasville)

Southwestern State Campus (SWSC) is located in the historic city of Thomasville. Several DBHDD programs and contractors are located at SWSC. They provide and coordinate the provision of mental health, developmental disability and addictive disease services to individuals in the southwest region of Georgia.

SWSC is located close to the Florida border and close to the Florida’s gulf coast. Thomasville is home to the second largest Farmer's Market in the state and three Fortune 500 companies.

Map of Field Offices

Client Support Worker - Full Time - 3P - 11P Thomasville, GA
Client Support Worker - Hourly Weekends & Holidays Thomasville, GA
Community Integration Home Program Consultant Thomasville, GA
Dentist - Full Time - Southwest Community Dental Clinic Thomasville, GA
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner - Southwest Community Clinic Thomasville, GA
Steam Plant Operator Thomasville, GA