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Job Listings: State Offices (Atlanta)

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) serves people of all ages who have behavioral health challenges or intellectual and developmental disabilities. The main office for DBHDD is located in downtown Atlanta. DBHDD has field offices throughout the state, including six hospitals.

Map of Field Offices

Administrative Assistant - Division of Behavioral Health Atlanta, GA
ASL Fluent Behavioral Health Counselors Atlanta, GA
Certified Investigator Atlanta, GA
Communications Specialist Augusta, GA
Communications Specialist Cumming, GA
Communications Specialist Savannah, GA
Community Interpreter-Deaf Services Savannah, GA
Director of Deaf Services Atlanta, GA
Forensic Juvenile Psychologist - Eastern Part of Georgia Augusta, GA
Forensic Psychologist - Outpatient - Macon or Columbus Area Columbus, GA
Forensic Psychologists - Outpatient - Atlanta Area Atlanta, GA
High Utilizaion Management (HUM) Coordinator Atlanta, GA
Internal Auditor Atlanta, GA
Paralegal Atlanta, GA
Participant Direction Coordinator Atlanta, GA
Program Associate Atlanta, GA
Regional Behavioral Analyst Supervisor Atlanta, GA
Regional Behavioral Specialist Atlanta, GA
Staff Interpreter Atlanta, GA
Technical Information Coordinator Atlanta, GA
Training Specialist Atlanta, GA